Our commitment to quality


We’re inspired by your business and this drives us to bring you the best - whatever style you choose; you can trust in B&C quality.

Our passion for quality knows no bounds, it is only matched by our drive to deliver the most inspiring contemporary collection for the promotional market.

We take great care in the choice of all of our fabrics. Not only must they complement the styling of each garment and ensure the wearer the highest level of comfort, they must also deliver the best results in decoration.

From T-shirts to jackets, from softshell to sweatshirts, we test all our fabrics with various decoration techniques so you can be confident that whenever you choose a B&C style you will have the perfect support for your brand or message.

B&C Certifications

At B&C Collection, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between something that looks good and something that does good too. That’s why we are proud of our industry certifications.