Our commitment to people

One particular focus area is the protection and improvement of human rights along our value chain. The Cotton Group strives to make sure that the most stringent labour standards are upheld and safeguarded in the factories.

WE ARE PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION and the BSCI, and to be a participant in the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT. All these initiatives bring security and improvement in the field of human rights.

HAVING OUR OWN TEAM IN THE PRODUCTION COUNTRY which works closely with our suppliers is key. We can ensure that our code of conduct is implemented and that we constantly improve our suppliers’ best practices.


We have our own offices and teams in the production countries themselves. We ensure that ALL NEW PARTNERSHIPS ARE UNDER CERTIFICATION. The Cotton Group also cares greatly about finding partners who share our respect for people as well as the environment, and who are willing to work with us to improve their practices. THE COTTON GROUP LIAISON OFFICE EMPLOYEES work directly with our business partners to build good relations, assess their performance against our Sustainability Commitment, and support them in making improvements through different programmes and activities. Not only do they have close relationships with our business partners, but also with non-governmental organisations, experts, stakeholders and local governments, meaning they have an insight on the challenges involved and understand how to drive improvements in a local context. Once we establish a partnership, we work together with the supplier to improve their sustainability performance through training, but also by rewarding the suppliers who perform well by ordering larger quantities of products.