The Corporate Shirt's Quality Attributes

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Details that make the difference. There are several signs of a quality dress shirt. Some, like fabric, fit, collars or cuffs, are instantly obvious. Others, like buttons or stitching, take a minute to appreciate. And hidden details like inside finish or comfort, are visible only to the wearer.

To make each style of B&C Shirt collection an exercise in perfection, B&C has established the key codes of the faultless shirt. The essential and timeless shirt codes have been enhanced with contemporary cuts, looks and details.


Shirt Attributes

1. Contemporary fit

Through this bright collection, B&C offers a perfect balance between a contemporary fit and corporate requirements in terms of measurement: 4 fits – regular, adjusted, medium and fitted – ensure that each wearer will display an up-to-date silhouette without compromising comfort.

2. Collar

The collar is the most distinguishing and fashion sensitive feature of a shirt. All B&C shirt collars are made of 3 layers to help them keep their shape: 2 layers of fabric and between them an interlining. This is one of B&C’s criteria for excellence. So are the non-removable bones integrated in the collar to ensure you never lose them. In terms of shapes, there are zillions of collars and you can easily get confused by the choice. However, only a few are right. Discover them in the B&C collars section.

3. Cuffs

Cuffs are one of the key features in determining not only how dressy a shirt is, but also in how to establish personal style. To be sure to go for a faultless choice you only need to remember 3 shapes: the round-shaped exclusively for Oxford cuts, the straight-shaped for a more sophisticated silhouette and the angular-shaped cuffs for a contemporary corporate style. The versatility of your cuffs is also essential. B&C long sleeve shirts have convertible 2-button cuffs with an additional buttonhole to transform them into French cuffs (Kissing or Barrel-style).

4. Our synonym of quality: 6 stitches per centimeter

Stitches must be discreet and fine. To appreciate the fineness of it, you have to count the number of stitches per centimeter. The more you have the better it is. The B&C shirts boast 6 stitches per centimeter, as you cannot accurately achieve more than 6 or 7. This naturally enhances the perceived quality of the shirt and therefore also the wearer’s confidence.

5. Stylish and durable buttons

The rule of top-quality shirts is mother-of-pearl buttons. B&C follows this code of elegance and improves durability by choosing high quality polyester mother-of-pearl buttons. They are intensively wash resistant, making B&C shirts fit for everyday wear. B&C respects a second essential rule of quality for buttons. If you look at their stitches, you’ll see they are cross-stitched. In addition to enhancing the perceived quality of your shirt, it ensures you will never lose a button.

6. Smart located spare buttons

Each shirt comes with spare buttons sewn onto the button placket. This way, you will be certain not to snag them when ironing. Your shirt will stay perfect.

7. Horizontal last buttonhole

One more rule to recognising a high-quality shirt. The last buttonhole is sewn horizontally. Because horizontal buttonholes take horizontal stress without deforming the buttonhole and therefore offer a reduced likelihood of the button pulling out.

8. Invisible but crucial quality: The lap seams

Lap seams are inside the shirt but they play an important role: comfort enhancement and high-end quality perception. Each B&C mens’ shirt has this deluxe finish providing quality and a feeling of comfort to the wearer. One more step towards self-confidence.



Buttons were added to traditional collars by polo players to stop their collars flapping in their faces. Off the polo field, the button-down collar helps to hold ties in place and to keep the collar neat when worn under blazers and knits.

Enjoy this traditional button-down collar on the B&C Oxford /men, long and short sleeves. 


It adds a dressier touch to a suit. It looks great with a button or two undone under a sharp blazer. If you opt for a tie, this collar will subtly draw attention to it.

Enjoy this contemporary collar on the B&C Smart /men and B&C Heritage /men, long and short sleeves. 


This is a ‘must have’ for any trendy shirt wardrobe. This collar can also be worn with a tuxedo as it allows the entire bowtie to be visible. It has a higher collar band due to the double buttons.

Enjoy this modern collar on the B&C Black Tie LSL /men. 


A more conventional variation of the Cut-away collar. Also known as the classic, it is timelessly elegant. It makes any tie stand “proud” and gives you a cool and confident look, whether your top button is done up or not.

Enjoy this semi cut-away collar on the B&C Sharp /men, long and short sleeves. 


The B&C soft feminine collar is simple, featuring pure shapes and is trans-seasonal. Made of high-quality fabrics, it is perfect for achieving an immaculate look.

Available on all B&C women shirts. 



Rounded cuff corners and mitred-shape gauntlets follow the traditions of the original Oxford shirt.


Angular cuff corners perfectly match contemporary corporate style. This modern shape enhances the majority of our long sleeved shirt styles.

Enjoy this modern cuff on the B&C Smart LSL/men & /women and the B&C Sharp LSL /men & /women. 


B&C Heritage’s cuffs straight corners add sophistication to the shape.


Whatever shape you choose, your cuffs should fit tightly enough on the wrist that you can’t get your hand through them when they are fastened.


B&C Heritage’s long 2-buttons straight cuff corners add femininity and sophistication to the shape.

Inspired by the same high-end look idea, the woman version can also be transformed into a feminine French cuff by folding them.


Both versions are fine but for a more corporate look, prefer a long sleeved shirt and pair it with a blazer or a jacket.


Do you want your tie to stay in place?

Do you not see a tie pin as a discreet solution to your problem?

B&C has the solution with its exclusive B&C Tie-Fix© in the same fabric as your shirt. It will hold your tie in place - discreetly.

With this invisible solution, you can focus on your work while the B&C Tie-Fix© takes care of your tie.

Choose the B&C Oxford /men, B&C Sharp /men, B&C Heritage /men to enjoy that B&C exclusivity. 


You need to transform your corporate shirt into a formal and high class one in ten seconds?

Don’t worry, B&C has the solution. Thanks to the exclusive B&C Reverso Button©, transform to a kissing French cuff from a straight classical cuff.Take your single button and pass it through its own hole. It will now be on the inside of the cuff. Then, pass the button into the other side of the cuff (kissing-style).

Choose the B&C Heritage LSL /men to enjoy this B&C exclusivity.