Don’t miss the new trend of “bomber” jackets present in all the high fashion places. B&C Collection proposes 3 styles: the Trooper, the Crew Bomber both available in very fashionable colours or the raw denim DNM Supremacy jacket.

The luxury sweatshirts are conquering the wardrobes of all fashionista’s. Delicately decorated with golden, silver or copper prints, embroidered with fine designs or even pearls or rhinestones, they are there to delight us!

Band T-shirts are a wardrobe staple - what wardrobe is not bursting with old T-shirts with too many memories attached to throw away?  

Black on black: Get in tone with subtil graphics printing.

GREY analysis: Equally appropriate for both men and women, the colour works everywhere from outerwear and suiting to footwear, accessories and leather goods. 

How should your long-sleeved polo fit? Cut slim through the body to create the sharp, clean lines you need to pair with more formal wear and end approximately halfway down the trouser fly.

Let's DNM talk! Typographic messages create the perfect trendy urban style uniform for both man and woman.

Trend Alert : Japanese inspired floral patterns merge with indigo dye treatments, adding a new dimension to the traditional denim-on-denim looks.

Cheeky slogans sweatshirts continue to be popular for school kids and teens. Age-appropriate rebellious and humorous one-liners in hand sketched fonts reminiscent of graffiti add a fun touch.

Original prints: A refreshing print trend that focuses on foliage rather than blooms. Play it on details to enhance your outfit with a subtle effect.

Highlight-formatted text: add impact and a pop of colour to simple typographic designs, an easily translatable technique for the slogan tee.

1970’s slogan T-shirts are back: inspired by skate culture and contemporary magazine photoshoots and blogs, retro fonts and single-word statements.

Monochrome graphics: minimalist graphics in monochromatic contrasts offer a youthful look on sweatshirts.

Style tip: the proper way to wear a polo with B&C Safran.

Fashion alert on B&C DNM Frame /duo : stiff pleated fronts provide a fashion-forward edge to the B&C DNM trucker jackets.

Inspiring decoration: screenprint the B&C DNM Supremacy’s shoulder with HIGH DENSITY INK for a unique 3D effect.

Fashion alert on B&C DNM Supremacy:  the bomber jacket has re-emerged as an essential fashion item for both men and women around the globe.

Cascading types: Typography plays an important role in design: repeated and cascading type approaches emerge on textiles, to offer a new trend.

Colour alert: Bottle Green offers a surprising twist on the current power-bright trend. It provides a sophisticated transition into spring.