The softest T-shirt for sublimation

B&C TM062 and TW063 Sublimation fabrics enable super-bright and bold-colour prints that look like a photograph. Designs do not fade away and the printed surface remains ultra smooth and weightless (as inks directly dye the fibres). Enjoy having no boundaries to your creativity.

Sublimation is a dye-printing technique that allows for your ideas to be displayed at their maximum potential. It frees your creative mind and allows “all-over” prints. You will be able to translate your emotions without technique boundaries. Sublimation produces: super bright designs and bold colours that look like a photograph, the designs do not fade away easily, the prints do not have texture and are weightless (as inks directly dye the fibres).

If those T-shirts are the best support for the sublimation technique, they are of course also a perfect support for screen-printing (use polyester targeted inks) or embroidery.

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